Richard Higgs is the owner of Wealth West Medical, a chartered financial service which operates on behalf of doctors in Bristol. It’s a family-run business that offers a personal approach, with regular face-to-face meetings and individually tailored advice.

The company is based near Southmead Hospital, allowing easy access for many clients, and Richard aims to build lasting relationships with each of them, ensuring investments and pension schemes work to their fullest.

Having said that, it’s not always easy to stay in touch with everyone, especially those who work a little further afield. Moreover, it’s notoriously tricky to engage would-be customers who haven’t yet signed up. Winbox to the rescue…

Relevant Content

Previously, Richard’s approach to email marketing was quite scattershot – communications were infrequent and lacked any real strategy. He comments: “I’d heard about it, and gave it a go, but I was quite dubious about the whole thing. Ultimately, I was worried that people might turn away if they thought I was spamming them.

“I sent out invites for my NHS Pension Scheme events, which I hold to keep people updated on industry developments. They’re also a chance to meet prospective clients, so it’s always important to make a good first impression. However, looking back on those emails, they’re embarrassingly garish to look at – all in bold red typeface with an outdated, bulky logo at the bottom.


“I was introduced to Marc through a mutual friend and was impressed with his drive. He sold me on the virtues of sending out regular communications that people would enjoy reading and actually look forward to receiving. The emphasis on useful, relevant content that creates meaningful experiences makes perfect sense, and seems so obvious now.

“Initially, I enlisted his help because, more than anything, I thought it’d save time and he seemed to know what he was doing. However, since then I’ve been really impressed with his level of service.

“There’s no comparison between the emails; Winbox win every time because they look great and are packed with information that’s of interest to the reader.”


• You can view a preview of a recent campaign here.


Winbox isn’t just about delivering quality email marketing – it’s about devising a successful strategy that helps clients fully engage with their audience. Richard continues: “Marc really cares about the progression of the business as a whole, and he’s advised on everything from updating IT equipment to refreshing the website.

“He even put me in touch with filmmakers to produce a short video for the home page, which adds a nice touch, allowing people to ‘meet’ me before they actually meet me. I offer a personal service, and this really helps to establish that.

• You can view Richard’s video on his website here.

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive; changing to a monthly newsletter-style email has been very successful, as evidenced by Marc’s analytics on click-through rates. Perhaps the biggest indicator of success so far is for our recent NHS Pension Event, which saw unprecedented levels of interest.

“Usually, around 20-30 people say they’ll come, but only 10 or so actually turn up. However, after working with Winbox, we had over 70 people register, 51 of whom attended – a hugely positive increase. It looks set to be a great year, and that’s in no small part down to Winbox. I’d certainly recommend them to others.”

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