A strong email marketing campaign is a powerful thing. It can attract new custom to your business, strengthen client relationships and invoke brand loyalty.

It is also one of the most effective ways to connect with your clients, allowing you to communicate with them directly in an environment you know they will access: their email inbox.

But even with this direct route, and with a great email marketing list, if your click-through rates are lower than you would like, this may be a sign that your clients are not as engaged with your brand as they could be.

The good news is that a few simple tweaks can turn your email marketing campaign into a sure-fire success.

Below are 5 tips to creating the perfect email, guarenteed to get your clients clicking.

1. The subject line is key

At a time when people’s inboxes are overflowing, odds are that not all of the emails they receive will get read. The title of your email is the first thing your client sees, and it will determine whether they will open it or hit delete.

Try these tricks to increase your open rate:

  • Keep your titles short and to the point. Aim for between 50-75 characters as the title will be less likely to be cut off by your inbox and it will be both eye-catching and easier to digest.
  • Test your subject lines. An A/B split test is an important part of your marketing effort and will ensure that you know what works best with your unique audience.
  • Appeal to your clients’ egos. Use the title as an opportunity to tell the customer what they will gain from reading your email.
  • Be specific. Letting people know exactly why you are emailing them in a simple and concise manner is a good way to encourage a stronger open rate.
  • Ask a question. When you add a question mark to the end of any statement your brain will force you to read it as a question and will leave you wondering what the answer is. This tactic mentally engages the reader and piques their curiosity, making them more likely to want to read what is inside.
  • Add a call to action (CTA) to the title. A CTA ups the conversion rate and adds a sense of urgency to your communication. A good way to do this is by utilising brackets, for example, ‘5 SEO tips that will change your business (must see)’.

2. Keep it short and sweet

When it comes to emails, less is more. Most people don’t have time to read reams of paragraphs and you will find that your audience is more engaged if you keep your copy short and to the point.

See it as a preview to what is available on your website, a teaser to whet the reader’s appetite. The last thing you want is for someone to get bored halfway through and hit delete.

You can combat this by doing the following:

  • Frontloading copy.
  • Using bullet points or lists to make your email more reader friendly.
  • Pretending you are on Twitter. Twitter is a great example of how to make your point concisely. There is no filler with a tweet and there should be no filler with your email. Decide what point you want to make, make it and let the reader know where they can find more information.

3. Timing is critical

The time at which you send an email can have a big impact on whether it will get read. It is important to research timing as the best time of day to receive emails differs for each business type.

Timing is not just about the time at which you send an email though. If you have hosted an event, it is important to make sure that you send a prompt follow up. If you are in the process of developing a new relationship with a client then emailing them while the contact is still fresh will go a long way to developing a rapport.

4. Keep your email relevant

Relevant email marketing

Four out of ten subscribers reported that they’ve marked emails as spam simply because they were irrelevant, whereas emails that have been tailored to a specific audience enjoy 50% more clicks than their counterparts.

It’s possible not everything you want to email will be appropriate for each and every one of your contacts so perhaps segment your contact lists into relevant areas such as behavioural-based, purchase history, geographical area, industry/role, brand advocacy and so on.

Marketers who segment their lists enjoy 18% more transactions, 24% more sales leads and 24% greater revenue.

5. A strong call to action

A call to action is more than a collection of links and phone numbers. You need to give a reader compelling reasons and directions if you want them to take action. Here are a few tips to strengthen your CTA.

  • Differentiate your links. Your CTA should stand apart from the rest of your copy as in some cases your reader may not have time to read the whole email and will just skim to the points of their particular interest. Underlining, bolding out and changing the colour of your links can make them stand out. Using a button for the CTA is also a great way to increase click throughs.
  • Don’t over link. It is fine to use more than one link in your email, but if you overload it you will just appear desperate and the reader will be turned off.
  • Use a combination of mediums. Text links, buttons, imagery and video will keep your CTAs strong and fresh.

Improving your click through rate does not have to be a battle. It is all about keeping it simple and focused on your target audience. By following these five simple tips, you can up your client engagement and increase your click through rates exponentially.

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