Some nitwits might have you believe that this is a golden era for email marketing, but those clowns have no idea! I mean, who even uses email these days? Okay, okay, so 87% of UK adults have internet access, but how many of them actually check their inbox? Surely they’re far too busy playing Candy Crush or following Kim Kardashian.

Here’s five reasons why you simply shouldn’t bother with this email marketing malarky:

Time is money

Time to send your email campaign

Emails can be scheduled for any time of day, allowing you to research the optimum hour for campaign success. So what? Is it really healthy to be so regimented? Shouldn’t you have the freedom to contact customers whenever and however you like? They should be grateful to hear from you, shouldn’t they?

It makes you look cheap

Email marketing opens

Email lets you contact everyone on your mailing list instantly. Big whoop. If you want to make real connections and let people know how much you truly value them, you should go retro and use the humble letterbox – everyone loves the postman! This might seem like an expensive move, especially with recentRoyal Mail price increases, but it’ll be a worthy investment. Customers will really appreciate the extra mile you’re going to clutter up their desks.

Too targeted

targeted email marketing

With the flexibility of having specific mailing lists for specific users, you can share specialised content with each group. But what if you’re missing a trick here? Surely it’s better to widen the net and let everyone in on everything. Who are you to dictate what prospective customers might be interested in? Just plonk everything on your website and let them come to you.

Analytics, shmamalytics

Email marketing analytics

So email marketing allows you to access all sorts of data, from delivery rates to open rates to blah-blah-blah BORING! Have you really got time to calculate what’s working and what’s not? Does it really matter how many subscribers you’re attracting and how many are turning away? Who cares? Where did maths ever get anyone?

You’ll have more customers, which means more work

Effective Email Marketing

Sending targeted communications with relevant content will invariably lead to increased brand awareness, more visitors to your site, and altogether more engagement. This will ultimately result in a more successful business, which might sound good in theory, but have you really got time to deal with the extra workload? And how are you going to spend that extra income you’ll be earning? What you’ve got to ask yourself is, is the minimal effort for maximum return really worth it?

If you completely ignore the above advice and still want to give email marketing a go, you can do a lot worse than contacting Marc at Winbox. He knows his onions and will make the most of your campaign. You can follow Winbox on Twitter, too.