Is your email marketing campaign a tale of City success or Rovers woe?

***DISCLAIMER: This analogy only works if you completely ignore the current analytics (i.e. the league tables...) Although Marc Woodland is a Bristol City fan he has tried to remain impartial throughout. Any bias is purely unintentional...***

When it comes to football in Bristol there are only two options: you are either a Gashead or City through and through.

Over the last few years, the fortunes of the two teams have taken wildly different paths and the bragging rights - those two little words that mean so, so much - have all been City’s. Yes, loving thy neighbour is all well and good, but lording it over your neighbour is much more fun. Which is why life is so much better as a City supporter.

A football season is a long, and sustained campaign success doesn’t come easy. It takes planning, training, direction, goals and much more besides. In fact, you could say there are many similarities with an email marketing campaign.

With that in mind let’s look at the fortunes of Bristol’s football teams and ask: is your email campaign like Rovers, stuck in the basement league, or like City, the stuff of champions?


  • A goal drought more barren than the Sahara.

Goals win games is a simple but effective maxim, and one that every winning team knows. A successful email marketing campaign needs to have something to aim for. Goals will drive you to where you want to go. No goals will lead to lack of direction and stagnation.

When Rovers were hilariously relegated from the Football League in 2014 they were averaging less than a goal a game. You are never going to get anywhere with those sorts of stats.

  • Not packing a punch upfront.

Do you have a powderpuff strikeforce? If so, your email marketing is Rovers through and through. With email marketing you need a front line that packs a punch from the off. Your headlines need to make an instant impact and grab the reader's attention. The preview needs to draw your audience in. Make sure you are powerful upfront if you want to avoid abject results.

  • Full of Gas.

If your campaign is just full of hot air people will lose interest in no time. Like Rovers fans desperately clinging on to the two wins in the last 15 meetings between the sides as a sign that they’re somehow close, a load of gas is just boring. Make your emails concise and make sure they have purpose. A clear call to action, a video, a download. Make it punchy and make it relevant.

  • Poor value… like a Rovers ticket.

If people are giving you their email addresses, they want something great in return. If you’re delivering poor quality it’s is a surefire sign you are the email marketing equivalent of Rovers, whose matchday ticket prices bear no resemblance to the utterly dismal football on display every weekend. You need to be providing top value if you are going to be successful and deliver outstanding results for your clients.

  • You are missing key partners.

Remember back in the day when the Memorial Ground used to be the home of Bristol Rugby Club? That was until they saw the light, joined Bristol Sport and found a decent stadium to play in. The point is, you need to be seen to have strong connections, partners, clients and investors. What you don’t want to be is a shoddy old club which barely anyone notices or cares about. Using guest blogs, building networks through email campaigns and strengthening existing relationships are all possible with great email marketing.


  • Promotion on a wave of glory.

Are you on the way up? Is your campaign churning out results and leading to ever more successes? If so, this is definitely a sign you are more like Bristol City who are now up and running in the Championship with eyes firmly set on the Premier League (well, kind of). You need to be aiming high if you are going to achieve. So keep your eyes on the prize.

  • Trophies in the cabinet.

If you keep producing top results it is only going to lead to one thing: Silverware. In 2015 City picked up the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy, making them the tournament's most successful team. If you are producing top quality content and marketing, you should be winning more clients and maybe even a couple of industry awards to boot.

  • Continuous improvement.

Are you moving on to bigger and better things? Bristol City are in the process of redeveloping and improving their stadium which will substantially increase their capacity. It is important that you are constantly developing your email marketing ideas and striving for continuous improvement.

  • Better campaign manager.

Do you have a proven campaign manager who gets the best out of the team and comes up with innovative ideas? Bristol City manager Steve Cotterill gained promotion and JPT glory whilst poor old Rovers man Darrell Clarke has been left with the job of trying to rebuild from the bottom.

  • Part of something bigger.

If you have connections and partners that are helping you move forward then you are definitely more like Bristol City. They are part of Bristol Sport which includes a basketball team, rugby team and loads more. Bristol Sport’s aim is to inspire the people of Bristol to sporting success. You need to think big and have a positive message to be the best.

So which does your campaign resemble?

Is your email marketing campaign a Bristol City success story or a tale of Rovers’ relegation woe? Let us know below.

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