Set it up once and reap the benefits forever...

Automated email marketing makes your life easier

Here are four ways that you can use automated email marketing:

1. Help new clients become loyal clients

You can set up an automated series of emails to welcome each new client to your offering, educate them on how to get the most out of your service and ultimately transition them from being new clients to raving fans of your business. This process is called onboarding and is vital for client retention.

2. Increase conversions from your website

Often websites look great, provide a lot of useful information but don’t actually make any money for your business.

Automated email marketing can be used to nurture website visitors into leads and then clients by enticing them to sign up for an automated email plan. Once set up this can work for your company for months or even years, generating high quality leads from end users who already trust you and see you as the expert in your field.

3. Effectively follow up with prospects

Ever went to an event, collected lots of business cards and never got round to following up? Well by setting up a series of automated email follow-ups you can rest assured that every lead you generate is effectively followed up whilst you focus on meeting new prospects.

4. And train clients, staff and well… just about anyone

You can also use automated email marketing to set up an e-course to train clients, staff and anyone else who needs training, without you having to be involved. If you’re constantly being asked to train a certain topic, turning this into an automated email series could save you hours, days or even months.