Offer expert email marketing to your clients

All of the work is done for you and you make a healthy mark-up

If you’re an agency you may offer email marketing to your clients, but not as a specialist offering or something you really focus on. 
By white-labelling Winbox packages you can offer expert email marketing, outsource all the hard work and make a decent bit of profit each month.

Here’s what you’ll enjoy:


20% discount on pricing

This will be your recommended mark-up you will make every time we send a campaign for one of your clients.


Branded interface

The entire email platform interface modified to suit your branding.


Email marketing resources

Weekly email marketing blog posts for you to use as guest posts on your website.


Creative brief document

Template so you can easily take a full email brief from your clients (or we’ll do it for you).


Sales brochure

Everything you need to sale email marketing to your existing and future clients.


Login form on your website

We’ll give you the code so your clients can log in to their account on your website.